About Climate Technologies

Since our founding in 1970, Climate Technologies has been dedicated to solving our clients’ advanced climate control and environmental control challenges.

We deliver superior customer service by providing economical, environmentally sound, integrated systems of process temperature and humidity control equipment, air pollution abatement systems, and specialty environments and enclosures to our industrial and commercial customers.

To provide the solution for your needs, we are not limited to selecting equipment from only a few manufacturers. Climate Technologies partners with a large number of leading equipment manufacturers. This allow us to specify and procure the right equipment to create a robust and cost-effective system. We will design an unbiased solution using the most appropriate technologies, not limited to a handful of product options.

We are not content with simply quoting equipment per the initial RFQ. We work with our customers to clarify and understand the actual needs and requirements so that our team can offer recommendations for the best solution.

Our experienced sales engineers and technical staff make sure to understand your process to develop a solution that works in the real world and that fits your budget.

Climate Technologies has experience in many industries and markets and is comfortable working with A/E firms, specifying engineers, contractors as well as directly with end users.

Together, we can consider a range of equipment option as part of a thorough cost/benefit analysis. This takes into consideration not only initial capital costs but ongoing operational costs. The optimum system must not only be affordable today, it should provide you with cost savings throughout its service life while giving you the assurance of current and long-term regulatory compliance.