Munters SyCool Data Center ITC System Webinar

Climate Technologies Corporation is excited to offer a Munters hosted Webinar on Cooling Data Centers with Economizer Technologies, including Direct Air Side Economizer (Dase) and Indirect Air Side Economizer (IASE). IASE discussion will include evaporative technologies and the introduction to the latest “waterless” technology called SyCool ITC (Indirect Thermosyphon Technology).

The SyCool Cooling System is a Best-in-class refrigerant based (DRY) indirect cooling solution that provides PUEs in the low 1.1-1.2 range depending on site location and operating variables.

Economizer based cooling solutions do not need to be reserved exclusively for multi-megawatt large data centers.

Cooling solutions that include economizer technology should be factory made with incremental capacity options that support large or small installations, including smaller “day 1” builds that expand with demand.

With Munters’ Advanced DRY SyCool ITC Cooling System you can do just that.  

Cooling is expensive! In Michigan, cooling can be over 50% of a data center’s operating expenses. Scalable cooling solutions that are factory packaged offer many advantages, including speed to market, first cost and total cost of ownership.

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Join our SyCool Webinar on Thursday, December 6, 2018, from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, and hear directly from experts at Munters.

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