Rosemex logoWe are pleased to introduce a new addition to our line card: Rosemex heating and ventilation products. Their product lines are ideally suited for commercial and residential applications.

Rosemex is a well-established company with many years of experience developing and manufacturing advanced heating, ventilation, and cooling solutions. Their product lines cover a broad range of capacities and configurations to suit the most demanding performance and appearance requirements.

Here is an overview of some of their product lines:

Rosmex baseboard heaterBaseboard Heaters

  • Sturdy one-piece louvered front panel for residential applications
  • IBR rated
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Ideal for condos, apartments, etc.
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Heavy duty construction

Rosemex convectorConvector Heaters

  • Available in 22 different models
  • Optional manual damper
  • Custom colors available

Rosemex wall finWall-fin Heaters

  • 10 different models
  • More than 75 configurations for commercial and industrial applications

Rosemex cabinet heaterCabinet Heaters

  • Satisfies the most demanding requirements of heating, ventilation, and appearance
  • High capacity, modern styling, with a wide range of applications
  • Low-Flow and Force-Flow configurations
  • Low-Flow forced air fin tube radiation is designed primarily for use in areas with large windows where high heat loss occurs. Available in two standard sizes: 48 and 96 inches, each in a number of configurations.
  • Force-Flow capacities from 200 to 1010 CFM. Available in 5 basic sizes, each in 26 different configurations of floor, wall or ceiling mounted units
Rosemex horizontal unit heater
Horizontal unit heater

Unit Heaters

  • Hot water or steam, these unit heaters provide economical ‘‘space comfort’’ for industrial, commercial and institutional applications
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations from 460 to 11,900 CFM
  • More CFM for lower outlet air temperature.  Quieter operation with lower RPM motors. Greater air throw and circulation.
  • All components are easily accessible for maintenance
  • Compact and attractive design with an aluminum semi-gloss finish
  • Durable “Long-Life” construction
Rosemex air handling unit

Custom Air Handling Units

  • Central station air handling unit
  • 19 sizes from 1,000 to 60,000 CFM
  • Designed for easy maintenance

Radiant Panel Heaters

  • Linear 2 x 4 (tile type)
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Panel sizes from 5″ to 36″
  • Panel lengths up to 8 ft
In addition, Rosemex offers a number of ventilation products, such as:

  • Fan coils
  • Coils
  • Integrated face and bypass coils
  • Induction units

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