Scrubbers for Exhaust Air-Gas Scrubbing

Working with Verantis, Climate Technologies offers a wide range of scrubbers for virtually every industrial application.

These systems use a variety of agents and solutions to remove and neutralize specific pollutants, toxic and corrosive gasses, particulates, and odors contained in industrial exhaust streams.

The exhaust air-gas scrubbing systems provide industry-leading efficiency rates and use Verantis fans, tower internals, and the patented Tellerette® Tower Packing technology to provide high-value, long-lasting environmental solutions to control your environment.


  • Ionizing web
  • Packed bed
  • Emergency scrubbing systems
  • Fluidized bed
  • Venturi type systems
  • Sieve tray towers
  • Dry scrubbers

Factory Assembled Systems

Verantis offers pre-engineered gas absorption systems for standard applications to control your environment, including the MS Series Mini-scrubber, and IC Series, in a variety of standard sizes.

These self-contained systems have a small footprint and do not require interconnecting ductwork, making them ideal for operations with limited floor space.

Pilot Equipment

The Verantis Pilot Test Program provides rental evaluation equipment for special applications and pre-qualification testing.

Pilot equipment configurations include scrubber systems such as packed tower, crossflow, and ionizing wet scrubbers.