Polygon Humidity and Temperature Control Equipment RentalClimate Technologies can offer cost-effective equipment rental for temperature and humidity control through our partner Polygon.

With experience from more than 20,000 projects, Polygon has the know-how and the equipment to help you work without delays while maintaining temperature and humidity requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Polygon offers a complete line of equipment along with the engineering expertise to size and integrate a system specific to your needs, allowing you to reduce energy usage while ensuring job-site dependability.

Polygon’s application knowledge can help with humidity and temperature control on jobs such as:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Blasting and coating operations
  • Condensation control in food processing
  • Power plant lay-up and turn-around
  • Construction drying
  • Many other industrial applications

Temperature and Humidity Control Equipment Rental

Polygon Equipment Rental for Temperature and Humidity ControlPolygon supplies as much or as little as you need. They can provide ductwork, inlet/outlet transitions, oversize blowers, high static blower units, transformers, and gas or steam-regenerated dehumidifiers.

Equipment can be adapted to a range of voltages. Generally, equipment is provided on skids with forklift slots.

Minimum rental period: 1 month (1 week in emergencies).

Rental Equipment Available

Polygon has the following types of temperature and humidity control equipment available for rent:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • DX units
  • Chillers and cooling coils
  • Indirect-fired heaters
  • Electric heaters
  • Filter modules

Try Before You Buy

Equipment rental provides a great ‘try before you buy’ option to evaluate the performance of temperature and humidity control equipment for your specific needs, before deciding on a purchase of permanent equipment.

Dependable Operation

Polygon rents only dependable, well-maintained equipment from leading manufacturers such as Munters, designed to meet the demands of the job. All equipment is routinely inspected and serviced at regional centers. Polygon’s large inventory allows them to add or replace equipment on very short notice.

Off-site Equipment Monitoring

Polygon offers ExactAire®, a web-based remote monitoring system that provides real-time information on equipment performance. With ExactAire, power failures or weather changes are never an issue because you get alerted in time to avoid problems. A complete record of climate conditions throughout the job proves that the conditions you needed were maintained.

Download the Polygon Equipment Rental Brochure