Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Polygon offers a full line of state-of-the-art desiccant dehumidifiers suitable for any size job. With desiccant based equipment, you can achieve the driest air – ensuring complete protection against condensation and other moisture and humidity related problems.

The unique patented PowerPurge® acts as an energy recovery system, collecting waste heat from the hottest section of the desiccant wheel and using it to help with the regeneration. This reduces the energy required for reactivation, while also reducing the discharge temperature of the process air, resulting in lower energy costs for post-cooling.

The Polygon HCU product line offers an energy efficient advancement in dehumidification. The design combines cooling and desiccant dehumidification technologies in one package, utilizing the waste heat from the cooling cycle to reactivate the desiccant wheel. In hot, humid climates the HCU outperforms all other technologies with less energy and comfortable outlet temperatures.

DX Units
When temperatures are warm, direct expansion dehumidifiers provide humidity control while cooling working areas. Polygon equipment has been specially modified to include automatic temperature controllers with the capacity to handle wide swings in weather load without work interruptions.
Chillers and Cooling Coils
Chillers and cooling coils are available to use individually or in conjunction with our desiccant equipment. The latter allows for greater dewpoint depression and temperature reduction inside the work area. Rugged and dependable, this equipment is industrial grade, and built with a wide array of applications in mind.
Indirect-Fired Heaters
High volume indirect-fired heaters from Polygon provide economical heat without introducing fumes or moisture into the work environment. Capacities range from 150,000 to 3.5 million BTUs. These rugged diesel-fired units can extend your working season so that the job gets done.
Electric Heaters
Simple to operate and chosen for compatibility with desiccant dehumidifiers, our electric heaters offer safe, flame-free operation. Sized from 15 to 150 kW, Polygon heaters can deliver 1.2 million BTUs.
Filter Modules
Three stage filtration are compatible with the full fleet of temporary climate systems. Capable of MERV 17 and higher, including the selection of activated carbon.